Longarm Quilting Services 

I offer computerized edge-to-edge (E2E) longarm quilting for any size quilt, baby to king! With my Gammill Statler longarm machine, E2E pantograph designs are consistently stitched in a repeating pattern, resulting in a beautifully finished quilt. 


My E2E Library page showcases a variety of popular designs that you can choose from. If you have a specific panto in mind or just an idea, please let me know, I want to help you find the perfect design for your quilt! 

Please note that at this time I am only offering E2E, no custom quilting. Please call or email for the current turnaround time.


Thread is included with your E2E longarm quilting service. Unless specified I will use a neutral color (white, off-white, cream or grey) that suits your quilt best. 


  • E2E quilting - I charge 2.5 cents per square inch. To calculate the cost simply take the width of your quilt and multiply by the length, then multiply this number by 0.025. For example, if your quilt measures 50x65 you would multiply 50 x 65 = 3,250 square inches. Then multiply 3,250 by 0.025 = $81.25

Please note there is a minimum $50 charge for any quilt. 

  • Backing - Please make sure your backing is larger than your quilt top by at least 4" on all four sides.  See Preparing your Quilt below for more details.

  • Batting - I keep Heirloom Hobbs 80/20 in stock at all times. You are of course welcome to supply your own.



An invoice will be sent to you after your quilt is finished. All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Payment accepted by cheque or online through e-transfer.

Payment due upon receipt. Quilts will not be returned until payment is made in full.

 Preparing your Quilt 

  • Your quilt backing and batting need to be at least 4 inches wider than your quilt on all 4 sides. For example, if your quilt measures 60x70, your backing and batting need to be at least 68x78.​

The extra 4 inches on each side are to ensure your quilt can be properly loaded onto the frame of the longarm machine while giving enough space for the machine to move around and quilt edge-to-edge without interference. 

  • Your quilt top, batting and backing are all loaded separately onto the longarm - you do not need to pin or baste the layers together.

  • Backing seams should be pressed open and ideally seams should be horizontal.

  • Take a minute to look over your quilt top and backing and remove any loose threads.

  • If your quilt top or backing is directional, please clearly mark the top with a safety pin.

  • If your quilt top has piecing along the edge I recommend sewing an 1/8" stitch around the entire edge of your quilt to keep any seams from separating. 

 Getting Your Quilt To Me 

There are a few options for getting your quilt to me!


My home studio is located in Water Valley, about 30 minutes northwest of Cochrane. You are always welcome to come here to Drop Off and Pick Up your quilts, as we are so far out of town it's best to call ahead and make sure I'll be here! Masks are optional or I can set out a sealed bin for no contact drop off and pick ups. 


I also have a convenient Drop Off/Pick Up location in NE Calgary. Or, if the timing is right and I'm planning to be out running errands, we can discuss a convenient meeting place in Airdrie, Cochrane or other surrounding areas.


Contact me with any additional questions or to request longarm quilting services.